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OData Connector for MySQL

The OData Connector for MySQL is a code generator tool that works with the OData Producer library for PHP to create the code to implement OData provider feeds for any MySQL database. The tool is open source (BSD license) and written in 100% cross-platform PHP that can be run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS environments.

How to use the OData Connector for MySQL

Step 1: download install the OData Producer library for PHP (For detailed instructions on installing and using the OData Producer, see the installation steps in Anu Chandy's blog post on the OData PHP Producer.)

Step 2: download and install the OData Connector for MySQL. (See instructions in the User Guide in the \docs folder of this site.)

Step 3: run this command to create an entity data model (EDMX file) that describes the structure of your database:

php MySQLConnector.php /db=mysqldb_name /srvc=odata_service_name /u=db_user_name /pw=db_password /h=db_host_name

Step 4: you will see an option to stop processing and edit the generated EDMX file before the code generation step. This is optional, and if you do this step then you'll need one more command to finish code generation:

php MySQLConnector.php /srvc=odata_service_name

That's all there is to it. After you've generated the code for the necessary interfaces used by the OData Producer Library for PHP, you can deploy your OData feeds as covered in the documentation for the OData Producer library for PHP.

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